4 Must-Have Stocking Stuffers for a Festive 2023

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to overlook some of the innovative products that could drastically improve our quality of life. Some items, though seemingly simple, possess the potential to redefine how we approach our everyday challenges.

Whether it's achieving a peaceful night's sleep or enhancing our daily routines, there's always something new waiting to be discovered.

Dive into our handpicked list of game-changing products that you probably didn't know you needed, but soon won't be able to live without.

They also make amazing gifts for the holidays! Trust us; these products are set to become the unsung heroes of your daily life and your holiday season, offering solutions to problems you didn't even realize you had.

Browse the list and grab the things you want, but hurry, as many are selling out fast for the holidays!

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Fire Emergency Blanket - Every Home Should Have One

Sleepgram Adjustable Pillow

The secret behind the Emergency Fire Blanket is its safe, super-efficient, fire-starvation formula. The Emergency Fire Blanket's special fiberglass-based lining covers the fire and separates it from its needed oxygen supply, snuffing it out completely, and it does this as quickly and effectively as nearly every other home firefighting product on the market.

Poliglu: Genius Japanese innovation allows you to instantly communicate in 36 languages


Poliglu Translator is a brilliant new invention from Japan and is taking the world by storm. It lets you communicate in more than 36 languages, so you can have a conversation with almost anyone on the planet! You can take it with you anywhere thanks to its compact size and its so easy to use that you can have it ready to go in under 30 seconds. The best part? Poliglu Translator is finally available to the public and it won’t break you bank. The device that was only available to the leaders of the world is now available to you.

Poliglu was build with simplicity in mind so anyone can use it. Although it is armed with the latest technology, using the device is super easy. All you need to do is to choose the language in which you want to communicate and record your words or sentences. You can even record really long sentences and Poliglu will translate everything perfectly!

Heatwell: Quickly heat up any room without running up your energy bill


The temperatures are dropping and if you haven’t noticed an increase in your home heating bill, you soon will!

But when the winter chill sets in, don’t turn up your expensive home heating, get a blast of soothing warmth with HeatWell instead.

This plug-in, mini-heater can heat spaces up to 250 sq ft in minutes, but it won’t drive up your heating bill!

You simply won’t believe how powerful this compact heater is and how fast it heats you up. It’s a can’t-miss.

Hootie: Protect yourself and loved ones from attackers and thieves


1 in 3 women will become a victim of violence. That’s a scary statistic! This simple key chain could save the life of someone you love. It’s the Hootie personal safety alarm and it’s small but mighty! Pull the activation pin and it puts out an ear-splitting alarm and flashing strobe light that scares off attackers and thieves.

Even if you’re walking to your car in a dimly-lit parking lot, you’re never really alone. Hootie owners are calling this simple device their “invisible bodyguard.”

This is a great way to show someone they’re loved! Give these to family and friends to help keep them safe wherever they go.

KoreScale: Revolutionary new scale lets you look inside your body "Like a free physical exam at home"

Sleepgram Adjustable Pillow

You’ve probably heard of smart scales before, but the KoreScale Gen2 is more like a "genius" scale. The secret is KoreScale Gen2’s BIA technology—Bioelectric Impedance Analysis. When you step on the scale, 4 precision sensors scan and analyze your entire body, and break it down into 14 key health metrics. In addition to your weight, you can see your BMI, body fat, muscle mass, bone density, water weight, and more! With these insights, KoreScale Gen2 takes the guesswork out of fitness. You can see EXACTLY how your body responds to diet and exercise in REAL TIME!

AirMoto: The handheld tire inflator that fits in your glovebox

Sleepgram Adjustable Pillow

In the modern world of on-the-go lifestyles, the last thing anyone wants is an unexpected detour to a gas station just to inflate a tire. Enter AirMoto – the game-changing handheld tire inflater that eliminates the need for those inconvenient pit stops. Sleek, compact, and incredibly user-friendly, AirMoto is not only perfect for car tires, but it's also the ideal companion for cyclists, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're dealing with a flat bicycle tire or a deflated basketball, AirMoto has you covered.

Unlike traditional air pumps, the AirMoto boasts an intuitive digital interface allowing users to set their desired PSI with ease. Once set, it goes to work in seconds, providing a quick and efficient air fill. Its portability means it’s perfect for road trips, outdoor adventures, or just to have in your daily bag. With AirMoto in hand, you're always prepared, giving you one less thing to worry about. Say goodbye to the era of coins and gas station air pumps, and say hello to the future of hassle-free inflation.

Tenikle: The world's most versatile device mount


Tenikle lets you mount any device, anywhere, in seconds! With bendable legs & strong suction cups, it easily adjusts to securely hold your phone, tablet or camera in virtually any location.

It’s as easy as bend, stick, and hold!

There are TOO many accessories that only do one thing! Tripods, selfie sticks, GPS mounts, bike mounts, phone stands, on and on. That’s a lot of bulk (not to mention expense)!

Tenikle replaces ALL of those and more with one light-weight, portable, super secure, grab-and-go option — cutting your packing list AND your bill!

Tenikle’s endless options & compact design saves you space, money, and stress!

Starscope Monocular: The Handheld Monocular That's Better Than Most $3,000 Telescopes

Hale Nasal Dilator

Ever wished you could bring distant wonders closer, without the bulk of binoculars or a telescope? The StarScope Monocular is the answer to your adventures. Designed for the modern explorer, this handheld wonder boasts waterproof, shockproof, and anti-fog capabilities, making it the perfect companion whether you're hiking rugged terrains, birdwatching after a morning drizzle, or simply taking in the grandeur of a city skyline.

The beauty of the StarScope Monocular isn't just in its resilience, but in its unparalleled clarity. Its cutting-edge optics capture the world with a sharpness that leaves viewers breathless. Every detail, every color, every nuance is presented in vivid, lifelike close-ups. Compact enough to fit in your pocket yet powerful enough to magnify the distant stars, the StarScope Monocular promises to transform the way you see the world, one stunning view at a time.

Perfect gift for the adventurer in your life!

Dodow: The amazing metronome light that helps you fall asleep 2.5x faster


Dodow is a metronome-light scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns and lull you into a deep peaceful sleep – fast. Combining yoga, meditation, and behavioral therapy, Dodow is the safe way for ANYONE to effortlessly fall asleep…AND stay asleep.

Using Dodow is so effective, customers report… “falling asleep before the 8-minute mode ends” and after a few months “not needing Dodow to fall asleep anymore”.

Pocket Tripod: world’s smallest fully functional phone stand


Pocket Tripod was designed to make sure you can ALWAYS go hands-free, because you never know when you need to capture that perfect moment.

It unfolds in seconds — then, when you’re done, simply tuck it away and move on to your next adventure. It’s that easy — and fast!

Perfect for photographers, content creators, video calls, cooking, watching movies… you name it!

Chill Pill: Get all-natural anxiety and insomnia relief

Chill Pill

As we all deal with more and more stress in our lives, panic attacks and anxiety are becoming a growing problem for millions of people. While many turn to other solutions for quick relief, experts warn that they’re may not the best option. Some medications can be highly addictive and even intoxicating.

That’s where The Chill Pill comes in.

This innovative new handheld device uses science-backed electrotherapy to quickly calm your mind down. Chill Pill users say it’s great for helping relieve daily anxiety and stress. Even better, it’s discreet, portable, and all natural.

NOTE: be sure to talk to your doctor before changing or discontinuing any medications.

ZQuiet: The dentist recommended mouthpiece used by over 1.5 million snorers

ZQuiet Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

ZQuiet is the #1 dentist recommended anti snore mouth piece. Great for mouth breathers, super comfortable, and works immediately. It gently pushes the lower jaw out a few millimeters, which opens the airways and stops snoring.

It’s a quick and easy way to immediately stop snoring. Great for those who don’t want to deal with expensive mouthpieces that require making expensive molds and cost thousands of dollars.

ZQuiet offers a simple mold that works out of the box, is softer, less bulky, more flexible, more comfortable, and less costly than custom dental anti snoring molds which usually cost thousands. This comes dentist recommended and has the best refund policy at a 60-day guarantee.

Hale Nasal Dilator: World's most discreet nasal dilator - "Like contact lenses for your nose"

Hale Nasal Dilator

If you’re looking for a way to breathe easier through your nose to help you sleep better and stop snoring, this super discreet breathing device is perfect.

Hale is virtually undetectable, you barely notice you’re wearing it, and it’s one of the best anti snoring devices because it not only prevents you from snoring, but it makes breathing through your nose an absolute breeze.

If fact, it’s a great way to fix a deviated septum without surgery. Many users have commented that it feels like contact lenses for your nose.

My-Happy Feet Socks: Soothe your aching feet

My-Happy Feet Socks

Did you know? Most foot pain is caused by swelling and inflammation of your joints, muscles, tendons, and nerves. My Happy Feet Socks naturally help relieve this pain by gradually aligning your feet, which improves circulation, relieves swelling and soothes aching feet.

The best part is that they feel amazing!

Think about how great it feels to stretch your arms over your head first thing in the morning after a wonderful night of sleep. Wearing My Happy Feet Socks is kind of like that — but for your feet.

No wonder 800,000+ people already love these socks.

Sleepgram Pillow: Rated The world's most comfortable pillow

Sleepgram Adjustable Pillow

When the Sleepgram Pillow first hit TV (shown above) it was a phenomenon. It sold out immediately. And since then it’s been independently reviewed by dozens of outlets and sleep sites who want to know if it really does live up to the hype. Short answer: it does. Tens of thousands of 5-star reviewing customers later, everyone still seems to agree it out ranks any other pillow. According to dozens of outlets including Yahoo, Sleep Judge, and Sleep Sherpa, it ranks as the “world’s best pillow.”

But what makes is so great? First of all it’s fully adjustable using a no mess 3-in-1 pillow system that makes it easy to adjust the loft of the pillow and the firmness of the pillow for any kind of sleeper. Second is it uses a new material most other pillow companies don’t use, called nano fibers. Nano fibers are insanely comfortable, and hold support longer than memory foam or down. Third it’s hypoallergenic and machine washable, which is great if you have pets, and its pillow cover is antimicrobial so it kills acne causing bacteria.

But the best thing is the Sleepgram pillow has been designed to perfectly align your neck and spine so you never wake up with a sore neck.

Cup Station: Turn any cupholder into two

Insta-Tox Anti Wrinkle Cream

Simply put, CupStation is a 2-in-1 “cup holder expander”.

The way it works is simple – it fits snugly inside any regular car cup holder and expands to hold pretty much anything you need it to hold - including Hydroflasks!

It also gives you two cup holders instead of one, since it simply adds an extra cup holder (you can still use the original holder).

That means it doesn’t just help you keep extra-large items in place… it also helps you secure MORE things in your car!

CupStation easily can hold everything from large coffees to super-sized cold drinks (and even your lunch) because its “arms” expand up to 6 inches wide – and feature powerful grips that hold on tight and don’t let go.

Insta-Tox Wrinkle Cream: Eliminate wrinkles and fine lines instantly. Over 10 Million sold

Insta-Tox Anti Wrinkle Cream

Insta-tox is a world renowned skincare brand created by Jennifer Stallone. And despite her busy lifestyle, the model, entrepreneur, and mother of 3 created Serious Skincare almost three decades ago, on a mission to develop truly effective products that meet her own sky-high standards.

In fact, Jennifer’s bright, youthful skin never seems to age. And now, she’s sharing her secret for preserving that eternal glow and putting your best face forward, every day — no surgery required.

Today, the brand is renowned for its innovative formulations and beloved by millions of women around the world.

INSTA-TOX™ is a huge part of the Serious success story.

As the leading cosmetic solution for skin firming and tightening effects, this incredible serum is expertly designed to lift, tighten, and smooth away wrinkles temporarily, for whenever you need a beauty boost.

Use it every day, or only occasionally – it’s up to you.

However you use it, INSTA-TOX™ is proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles quickly and painlessly, making it a saving grace for th

Radiant, youthful skin is just a dab away. Ready to glow?

Peeps: Smear-free “Carbon NanoTech” eyewear cleaner


Seriously, why is it sooo dang hard to get glasses clean? Cloths, wipes, sprays… your shirt… (you know you do it!) You just end up chasing the crud around your lenses.

Peeps cleans lenses unlike anything else.

How? By utilizing the same innovative molecular-carbon cleaning technology used in the aerospace industry on ultra-high-definition optics.

The dual carbon microfiber cleaning pads actually trap and eliminate oil and fingerprints (instead of smearing them around like cloths and sprays).

When you’re finished cleaning, the patented case recharges the cleaning pads with new carbon molecules for the next use. (Independently lab tested for up to 500 cleanings.)

Peeps is a great gift for anyone with eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Flight Path Golf Tees: Improve your game with this futuristic golf tee


Gimmicky products have been part of golf since… well, as long as the game has existed. But that’s exactly where the new FlightPath Tee sets itself apart.

FlightPath is actually proven to improve your golf game.

No, you won’t become Jack Nicklaus overnight… but you can expect a big enough improvement that you will notice the difference right away.

It’s exactly the kind of invention we love — simple & effective. Treat yourself or give these to the golf fanatic in your life.

Miracle Sheets: The luxury anti-bacterial sheets that keep you clean and cool all night long


What's it? Miracle has created the first ever hygienic luxury sheets. These bed sheets utilize natural bacteria fighting silver for healthier skin and cleanliness. It also features modern temperature regulating fabrics so that you stay comfortable all night long. No more excessive laundry loads, bad odors, and unhealthy skin.

Why is it selling like crazy? Miracle sheets are made with high-tech all-natural silver infused cotton fabric that fights bacteria. This allows for your sheets to stay cleaner and healthier much longer than your typical sheets. It’s the most powerful way to fight unwanted dust mites, germs, bacteria, and odor.

Who are snapping up Miracle Sheets? People who are looking for much better sleeping experiences. They're tired of traditional sheets.

Laundry Masher: Save hundreds on laundry detergent, and get a deeper clean with the Laundry Masher


Laundry Masher contains nano silver infused ceramic beads to naturally kill bacteria and odors with every cycle. It's reusable. You'll save a staggering amount of money by not using detergent. No harmful chemicals or allergic reactions and it’s good for the environment. Laundry Masher is a hit for laundry doers everywhere.

Bril: Kill up to 99.9% of germs on your toothbrush


According to research, your toothbrush is likely crawling with over 100 million germs right now. So disgusting! You’ll probably never look at your toothbrush the same way again…

Don’t stick your toothbrush back in your mouth until you check out Bril. It’s a brilliant new way to keep your toothbrush clean and sanitized between uses.

The 360º UV sterilizing technology kills bacteria all the way down to the base of the bristles, so it’s like brushing your teeth with a fresh toothbrush every time.

Grab Bril for yourself, your family, and anyone else you know who brushes their teeth.

Kailo: The futuristic patch the alleviates pain immediately


Put an end to persistent pains. With Kailo, relief is instantaneous, making discomfort a thing of the past.

When you experience pain, it’s typically the result of electrical signals being sent from the location of the pain to your brain. The worse the pain, the stronger the signal.

Kailo’s microcapacitors communicate directly with the brain’s electrical system, telling it to “turn down the volume” of the pain signal (like a “bio-antenna”). This allows your brain to send help, reducing the pain immediately.

iMemories: Save your home videos and photos to digital so your family can enjoy them anywhere


If your family is like mine, each family member has boxes and bins full of old home videos and family photos stashed away, gathering dust. Did you know those precious memories are in danger of being lost forever?

I learned the hard way that VHS tapes lose picture and sound over time, slowly turning to static. Make sure you transfer to digital now to keep your memories alive.

iMemories transfers your old home videos, photos and slides to digital so you can re-live and share your memories online with family and friends. It’s like the “Netflix” of family memories.

To get started, you just send your home movies and photos to iMemories using one of their SafeShip Kits and they do all the work for you. Once digitized, you can download everything to your computer, watch and share online, and even make DVDs/Blu-rays. The best part? You can get started for only $15.

Surprise your family with a screening of everyone’s favorite memories!

FLPSDE Water Bottle: The Water Bottle With A Secret Snack Compartment

Chill Pill

FLPSDE's Water Bottle with Snack Storage features a patented 2-in-1 design, which holds 20oz of your favorite drink on one side and 7oz of your favorite snack on the other. Simply sip, flip, and snack.

When you live an active lifestyle, you need more than water to keep going. Instead of packing an extra bag or stuffing your pockets, switch to a FLPSDE 2-in-1 bottle for a more convenient way to hydrate AND fuel your adventures.

TheraICE: Slip it on to naturally relieve headaches in minutes

TheraICE Headache Relief Hat

Put migraines on ice. The TheraICE Hat offers cooling relief to intense headaches, so you can get back to feeling your best.

TheraICE works by gently wrapping your head with soothing cold compression to constrict blood vessels and reduce inflammation. The pillowy, cloud-like fabric gently cushions pressure points and relieves your headache. It’s like a cooling hug…for your head.

You can also use TheraICE for heat therapy. Simply heat it in the microwave and apply it to your head as usual. The amazing 360-degree warm compression quickly goes to work relaxing your muscles and melting your headache away.

Bondic: Repair just about anything in seconds


Let’s face it, most glues and adhesives kind of suck… They’re messy and they never seem to hold like they should. Bondic is way better than glue.

Check this out:

Bondic was invented by a dentist who was inspired by the incredibly-strong, UV-cured bonding compounds he used on the job. He teamed up with a chemical engineer and together they developed an ingenious liquid plastic “welding” compound that’s 50X stronger than glue.

You apply the liquid formula to the damaged area, shine the special UV light on it, and it hardens into rock-solid clear plastic in 4 seconds. You can use it to bond, fix, build/re-build, and even fill virtually anything. Once hardened, you can sand, shape and even paint it.

This is an awesome gift for anyone who’s into DIY, hobbies, crafts and jewelry making.

The PhotoStick Omni: Instantly backup and protect your photos and videos on every device


When was the last time you backed up your photos? Think about it… These are some of the most valuable files on your computer and your phone. If any of your devices crashed today, how many irreplaceable memories would you lose?

(Like the time my daughter dropped my iPhone into the Pacific Ocean while on vacation… Every photo from our trip — plus tons more — gone forever.)

ThePhotoStick OMNI backs up all the photos and videos stored on your smartphone, tablet or computer with one touch of a button. So easy!

ThePhotoStick OMNI is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to keep their memories safe.

StaySafe Fire Extinguisher: 5-in-1 extinguisher protects your family from all types of fires

StaySafe Fire Extinguisher

When a fire breaks out, what do you do? If you said “reach for the fire extinguisher,” you could be making a huge mistake, because not all fires are the same — nor are fire extinguishers!

There are actually 5 different types of fire, and each one requires a different method to extinguish safely. If you use the wrong type of extinguisher, you could make the problem much worse!

That’s why we recommend StaySafe — it’s a compact, easy-to-use fire extinguisher that uses a revolutionary fluid capable of eliminating all 5 types of common household fires. No guesswork or panic, just quick and easy safety in a lightweight spray bottle.

Give the gift of safety and peace of mind.

Keyzmo: The ultimate compact multi-tool


Whether at home or out-and-about, getting stuck without the right tools for a quick fix makes you feel pretty helpless.

Keyzmo is an innovative 16-in-1 multi tool that combines the essentials into one simple device. Made from 420 stainless steel, Keyzmo is sleek, portable, super convenient and practically indestructible.

Keyzmo’s useful features:

Everyone on our team carries a Keyzmo and it has quickly become a Product Hunt favorite. It’s a perfect gift for just about anyone.

GoDonut: The last device stand you’ll ever need


At The Product Hunt, we’ve tried just about every device stand on the market. Truth be told, most of them kind of fall short in one way or another. This is one we love.

GoDonut is elegantly simple, yet highly functional.

It securely fits nearly every mobile device, from phones to tablets so you can enjoy hands-free from any angle. It’s compact, super portable and built to last a lifetime.

Dynasty Chef Knives: Beautiful Hand Forged Japanese Cooking Knives Are As Sharp As They Get

StaySafe Fire Extinguisher

Your Dynasty knives will be the last you ever need — or want — to own.

Each Dynasty knife is hand-forged using premium high carbon Japanese steel and the San Mai technique. By covering the blade’s hard steel core with two layers of “softer” steel, your knives will stay sharper longer, resist corrosion, and last for a lifetime.

More importantly, they feature a blade edge so sharp that it always feels like you’re cutting through butter — no matter what you’re slicing!

Soul Insole: Breakthrough insole brings long-lasting foot pain relief

Soul Insole

Foot pain is awful. When your feet hurt, it affects every aspect of your life and it can feel like there’s no escape. Millions suffer from foot pain and left untreated it can lead to more serious conditions like plantar fasciitis, back pain, fallen arches, knee and hip pain, and arthritis.

Soul Insoles are the world’s first “micro-orthotic” memory gel insole. The inventors wanted to create a solution that gives you the benefits of expensive orthotics without the hefty price tag.

These micro-orthotics are versatile and can be used in your favorite footwear: high heels, tennis & running shoes, work boots, hiking boots — even sandals. They fit all shoes… no measuring, no cutting. Slip them in and enjoy soothing support and relief that spreads from your soles up through your whole body.

If you know someone who suffers from foot pain, give the gift of daily relief.

Pluxy Hair Remover: Remove Unwanted Facial Hair For Up To 4 Weeks!

Olumi Ring

Pluxy is the world’s first epilator designed specifically for facial hair. It removes hair from the root, so it comes back thinner and slower — plus, it’s faster than plucking, less painful than waxing, and less irritating than shaving!

Enjoy less pain, less frequent hair removal, and less stubble with Pluxy!

It’s easy to stay stubble-free AND bump-free with Pluxy! The 17mm disks reach the thinnest, shortest hairs on your face for long-lasting smoothness. Patented glide technology helps prevent skin irritation, and Silver ions protect your skin from bacteria.

Other hair removal methods can leave bumps, stubble, cuts, burns, and redness… but Pluxy just leaves smooth skin. You’ll save time AND money with Pluxy — and avoid so much pain and stress!

Get a smooth face, less irritated skin & improved confidence.

Olumi Ring: Look better on any camera

Olumi Ring

Want to love how you look on video calls? Ring lights are the secret. OlumiRing is a smart new wireless ring light that clips onto whatever device you’re using to give you a brighter, more professional appearance on video calls, selfies and more.

The unique ring shape projects light in 360 degrees, while the built-in diffuser adds a professional look by softening the light. With 1 button you can control brightness and adjust the color for your best look. It’s compact and portable so you can get perfect lighting anytime, anywhere.

Kelvin Tools: 17 tools in the palm of your hand

Kelvin Tools

Here at The Product Hunt, we love products that are simple and highly useful. The Kelvin17 is exactly that — an innovative gadget that combines a multitude of essential household tools into one simple device.

Kelvin17’s useful features:

The Kelvin17 will quickly become your first choice for quick jobs around the house — plus it makes a great gift.

ScreenKlean: Smear-free “Carbon NanoTech” screen cleaner


Smudgy, finger-printy screens are gross (and embarrassing). It’s even worse when you think about all the germs festering there.

From the inventors of the popular Peeps eyeglass cleaner, ScreenKlean was designed to keep your screens clean and crystal clear.

ScreenKlean uses patented carbon molecular technology to safely remove dirt, oil, fingerprints and more from ALL screens. (NASA actually uses this technology on the International Space Station.)

The WAND: Enjoy wine without the “wine headache”


If you love wine, but wine doesn’t love you, you’re not alone. Headaches, sinus pressure, upset stomach, skin flush… you may be surprised to discover that the sulfites and histamines found in all wines could be the culprit.

Dr. David Meadows and his son Derek both suffered with these kinds of reactions, so they spent two years in the laboratory looking for a way to solve the problem and help others.

The ‘Eureka moment’ came one day in the lab when they found the precise means to selectively remove histamines and sulfites without otherwise changing the chemistry of wine. In fact, they also discovered that removing bitter-tasting histamines and sulfites actually enhances the flavors and aromas of wine.

They turned their discovery into The Wand, a compact ‘stir stick’ that purifies your wine without removing healthy antioxidants.

Bottom line: Better tasting wine without the enjoyment-killing side effects. Brilliant!

Lux Glo: Portable Red Light Therapy To Treat Wrinkles, Acne, & Mature Skin In 3 Minutes

Omega Data Cube

Let’s face it: Most skincare solutions are complicated, expensive, or time-consuming… so you won’t use them enough to make a real difference.

But Lux Glo is different — it gives you real results without complicating your busy routine. Treatments take just 3 minutes, and you can even use it with one hand! It’s all thanks to Lux Glo’s revolutionary LED light therapy, in which 5 wavelengths penetrate your skin at different levels — improving it from the inside out. Plus, it’s rechargeable — saving you tons of money in the long run.

Now you can zap zits AND treat wrinkles with the push of a button!

Omega Data Cube: Backup your phone's data while it charges

Omega Data Cube

Omega DataCube automatically finds and securely backs up ALL your photos, videos, documents, voice memos, music and more. It’s the easy, trusted way to keep your memories safe while freeing up phone storage.

Protecting your precious files is as simple as charging your phone!

Unlike other media backup solutions, Omega DataCube is designed to be easy, safe, and effective for EVERYONE — no matter how technical you are, or how many files you store on your phone and/or tablet!

Simply charge your phone or tablet like normal, and Omega DataCube will automatically save and organize your photos, videos, contacts, music and other files — saving you hours of hassle and frustration with the cloud or trying to manually back up all your files yourself.

Omega DataCube makes it easy for EVERYONE to keep their precious memories safe.

Aculief: The all natural way to get rid of migraines within 2-Minutes or less


Aculief is a patented, award-winning acupressure device that provides all natural headache and migraine relief – FAST!

It works by applying pressure to the LI4 pressure point (located on your hand between the thumb and forefinger), which has been used for thousands of years to treat headaches and provide tension relief.

It’s doctor-approved and recommended for effective self-treatment.

FIXD: Self-diagnose your car problems with your smartphone and save on repairs


Protect yourself from shady mechanics. If you’ve ever taken your car in because your Check Engine light came on, only to be broadsided with a long list of repairs, it’s easy to feel like you’re being taken advantage of.

FIXD was invented by a group of engineering students at Georgia Tech who were tired of feeling pushed around by auto mechanics. They developed a special wireless bluetooth sensor and a smartphone app that’s really cool — FIXD shows you what’s going on with your car, in plain English.

Their invention has transformed how millions of people worldwide take care of their vehicles. It’s like having a mechanic in the car with you at all times. That kind of peace-of-mind is priceless, which is why FIXD is a great gift for any driver.

Bed Scrunchie: Keep your fitted sheet from coming off the mattress and enjoy smooth tight sheets, night after night

Bed Scrunchie

You know the feeling… You slide into bed with fresh clean sheets, all smooth and tight. Soooo nice, right?

Sadly, within minutes your sheets just wrinkle and bunch up. Good feelings gone…

Bed Scrunchie changes all that with a brilliant solution. You just hook it to any fitted or flat sheet, cinch it under your mattress, and your sheets stay as perfectly tight and smooth as the minute you made your bed. I can’t believe no one thought of this before!

I got one of these as a gift and I’m not sure how we ever had a decent night’s sleep without it LOL. Anyone with a bed needs one of these!

Guidelight: Turn your outlets into stylish nightlights


GuideLight is a revolutionary outlet cover plate that doubles as an LED pathway light and automatic night light. Use it in your hallway, bathroom, child’s bedroom or anywhere you need greater visibility.

GuideLight installs in seconds — no batteries, no bulbs, no wires or electricians needed. The LEDs provide excellent illumination without taking up a socket and they look great in any space.

Surge Light Bulb: The emergency light that stays on when all other go out


Surge light bulbs automatically turn on the moment an outage strikes — keeping you and your family safe. They’re easy to install (screws in like a normal bulb), self-charging, and provide hours of energy-efficient lighting.

Even a few moments of unexpected darkness can be extremely dangerous — especially for children and seniors.

That’s why Surge bulbs instantly turn on the moment you lose power — and they stay on for up to 6 hours, significantly longer than the average power outage lasts.

Surge gives you unbeatable peace of mind — when an outage occurs, you’ll already be prepared!

Never worry about a power outage again!

Omni Datasafe: The Password Protected USB Stick For Protecting Sensitive Files

Omega Wifi Amp

Omni DataSafe is a revolutionary new encrypted USB drive that uses unbreakable AES-256 military grade encryption and a physical keypad to keep your sensitive data 100% safe and secure.

Omni DataSafe makes your data literally impenetrable!

As soon as you add your data to Omni DataSafe, your sensitive information is automatically transformed into an unreadable format. The only way to unlock and access the data is by entering your unique PIN on the device itself.

Once it’s locked, only YOU can access it. In today’s sophisticated hacking world, it’s the ONLY way to be sure your data is safe.

There’s no better way to ensure your private data and identity are safe!

Fix Me Stick: The $20 USB Stick That Removes Viruses From Your Computer

Omega Wifi Amp

With a FixMeStick you don't have to replace your computer.

By using FixMeStick once a month, you keep your computer, files, and keep your privacy.

Unlike antivirus software, that works only while your system is running, the FixMeStick reboots your computer using a system on the stick, so it's able to remove the viruses and malware that other antivirus and security programs can't detect.

REACT: The “7-in-1” phone charger that could save your life


The React is a phone charger for your car that’s actually a 7-in-1 safety device. It was designed by auto safety experts with features to help drivers escape their vehicle in an emergency.

In a crash, seat belts can jam, doors can get stuck, and windows won’t budge. What would you do?

For years, experts have urged drivers to carry window smashers and seat belt cutters in their vehicles, but the problem is, even if you are one of the few drivers that carry these safety devices, you probably have yours in your glove box (or worse, your trunk) — dangerously far out of reach during in an accident.

Safety devices are useless if you can’t reach them in an emergency!

What’s ingenious about React is that it works as a USB charger for your phone, so you keep it plugged into your dash — always within reach when precious seconds count.

React’s 7 life-saving and everyday features:

Give the gift of driving safety.

Omega Wifi Amp: Instantly boost WiFi speed and eliminate dead spots

Omega Wifi Amp

Fast, reliable WiFi is more vital than ever to keep all of your devices connected, and slow speeds and dead spots can really drive you crazy. If your internet is slow, poor signal strength from your router is usually the cause.

The problem is, most WiFi routers aren’t designed to cover more than a small area. That’s where Omega WiFi Amp can make a massive difference. Simply plug it in and ALL of your devices speed up instantly.

Omega boosts your WiFi signal to hard-to-reach places, ensuring that all of your devices are securely connected with a strong and reliable internet connection. It’s like upgrading your internet service… without paying upgrade fees.

Blissy Silk Pillowcase: The Pillowcase That Protects Your Skin and Hair


Standard cotton pillowcases on your bed are a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria that can trigger reactions on your skin. It’s nasty to think about, but you could be snuggling up to a pillowcase littered with dust mite droppings!

Dust mites don’t like silk, but beauty experts do! Blissy pillowcases are made from 100% pure mulberry silk, which is the highest quality silk available on the market today. It is soft, durable, and naturally hypoallergenic.

Your skin cleansers and moisturizers won’t do you any good if your pillowcase soaks them all up. Blissy Silk Pillowcases do not retain moisture.

Blissy is smooth to the touch and frictionless for maintaining a healthy appearance. No more waking up with sleep creases, dry skin, and messy hair.

What we love about Blissy:

Treva Bug Fan: The soft top fan that keeps bugs, mosquitoes, and other pests away


Treva’s soft-stop, whisper-quiet fan blades keep bugs, mosquitoes, and other pests at bay — letting you enjoy bug-free dining without toxic sprays or open flames.

Dining outdoors with friends and family has never been this bite-free!

Treva is not just as effective as other bug repelling solutions, it’s also much safer!

It’s all thanks to Treva Bug Fan’s soft-stop, whisper-quiet blades, which are made with light-refracting material. Combined with constant motion, they create an unpleasant atmosphere for biting bugs — without bothering humans one bit!

Even better, Treva doesn’t kill bugs — it just keeps them far away from you.

FlipFork: The last grilling tool you'll ever need


Master the grill. FlipFork combines all your grilling tools into one, making barbecues a breeze. The FlipFork makes grilling easier and more convenient than ever before. With 5 useful tools built in one, you can now easily prepare and BBQ your food to juicy, char-grilled perfection. Even better? Less mess and cleanup!

The patented 5-in-1 pro tool does it all:

1) Spatula – large enough to flip a 42oz Porterhouse
2) Fork – precise flips for those delicately thin meats
3) Knife – slice tough meats like a hot knife through butter
4) Tenderizer – serrated edge tenderizes meat to perfection
5) Bottle Opener – crack open some cold backyard brews

This also makes the perfect gift for the griller in your life! That special someone who loves to BBQ will love this!

Krak'in: The portable beer shotgunning tool


The Krak’in is a portable beer shotgunning tool that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the perfect beer bong experience in seconds — even if you’ve never done one before!

With the Krak’in on your keychain, you’re always ready to turn up the fun!

Shotgunning beers is a blast! But sadly, doing it the “old way” is often more effort than it’s worth — you have to find the right tool, then carefully puncture the perfect hole, then position the beer without spilling it all over your face…

The Krak’in makes shotgunning beers simple, mess-free, and accessible to all. Simply puncture the bottom of your can by cracking in the Krak’in (Get it? 😉). Then, all you have to do is put the tube to your lips, crack open the beer and enjoy the fastest, yet smoothest beer shotgun you’ve ever experienced!

Forget dirty keys, dangerous knives and sticky spills… just use the Krak’in!

Alleyoop: Get your makeup done faster, wherever you are

Alleyoop Multi Tasker

The Alleyoop 4-in-1 makeup brush packs all of your essential beauty applicators into one easy tool:

The multi-award-winning 4X design simplifies your beauty routine and does a better job than each of the brushes they replace — plus it declutters your makeup bag and gives you the freedom to easily touch up your look on the go.

AquaPure: Get up to 99.99% of pesticides, fertilizers, bacteria and mold OFF your fruit and veg


AquaPure quickly and easily removes dangerous pesticide residues, bacteria and mold from your fruits and vegetables. You’ll be shocked to see just how dirty your fruits & veg actually were… and even more shocked at how much better they taste, all thanks to AquaPure!

With only tap water and a little common salt, AquaPure generates an active solution that efficiently eliminates pesticides and kills bacteria.

Within minutes, AquaPure naturally removes contaminants from your produce, leaving you with nothing but tasty, chemical-free fruits and veggies.

Not only do better-tasting fruits and vegetables encourage you to eat healthy, you'll also feel great knowing your food is much safer to eat!

The Kitchen Cube: Measure all of your ingredients with one tool

The Kitchen Cube

If you’re like most people, your kitchen cupboard is FILLED with random measuring cups and different sized spoons. It’s about time someone came up with a better way.

The Kitchen Cube is a smart all-in-one measuring device that saves drawer space, increases organization, and reduces clutter by combining 19 measurement tools in one compact design. Anything that makes life in the kitchen cleaner and easier is a solid win.

ThinOptics: Quite possibly the last pair of reading glasses you’ll ever need


With ThinOptics, you’ll always have your reading glasses handy.

These foldable reading glasses are thin, incredibly durable and comfortable to wear. The ingenious part is that they stick right to the back of your phone or slip into a keychain holder, so they’re always there when you need them… and safely tucked away when you don’t.

On top of comfort, the glasses are made with premium optical-grade materials that are shatterproof and can withstand TONS of weight and damage… literally — you can even run them over with your car!

More than 5 million people have already switched to ThinOptics.

Forever Pen: The tiny “Inkless Pen” that fits on your keychain

Forever Pen

If you’re a frequent note-taker or like jotting down ideas on-the-go, then you’ve surely found yourself stuck without something to write with. Plus, you’ve probably gone through dozens, if not hundreds of pens over the years.

That’s why people are going nuts over the ForeverPen — it’s a little inkless pen that fits on your keychain and packs 500+ pens worth of writing power into a tiny Silverpoint tip that marks on almost any surface. It’s super convenient and even the most dedicated note-taker will take YEARS to run through it (plus it just looks cool, like something straight out of James Bond).

Pivo: Capture all the action with this auto-tracking camera mount


Pivo is an award-winning auto-tracking camera mount that follows your movement. With 360° panning and intelligent motion tracking, it’s like having your very own camera operator.

Simply attach Pivo to your smartphone and your camera will automatically pivot and zoom in and out as you get closer or further from the camera. It’s perfect for hands-free video calls, dance videos, sports and entertainment, instructional videos, and whatever else you dream up. Pivo makes your videos more fun to create and watch.

PhotoStick Mobile: #1 Way To Protect Your iPhone And Android Photos

PhotoStick Mobile

Lost data is increasingly becoming a problem for millions of Americans. If your data isn’t stored physically or on your phone, you are putting yourself at risk. Statistics show 1 in 3 Americans will lose all of their photos and videos from water damage alone.

Now, we know that no one wants to spend hours recovering and reorganizing years of lost photos and videos due to some unforeseen event. Plus, a professional organizer will take a huge chunk out of your bank account; this is completely avoidable.

The Photostick Mobile has you covered and is the sleekest, simplest digital organizer on the market today.

Tiki Tunes: Liven up any space with tiki torch wireless speakers

Tiki Tunes

Quite possibly the coolest wireless speaker ever made, TikiTunes is an award-winning Bluetooth speaker that also instantly transforms the atmosphere of any space — indoors our outdoors — with the soothing ambiance of a tiki torch.

And it’s not just a great looking speaker, the sound quality is impressive with surprisingly punchy bass for its size and you can easily pair two speakers together for true stereo surround sound.

Zen Pillow Spray: The pillow spray that lulls you to sleep in only 10 minutes

Tiki Tunes

Zen Routine’s innovative formula is based on a groundbreaking patent that was tested in a clinical setting. In a recent study of over 750 participants, Zen Routine improved sleep quality by 98%!

So not only is Zen Routine safe, but it’s been proven to help you fall into deep sleep fast. Your only regret will be not trying it sooner!

Zen Routine is the safe, guilt-free, scientifically proven way to fall asleep fast.

Groomie Shaver: The perfect shaver for baldies

Groomie Shaver

BaldiePro by Groomie is a revolutionary new shaver kit for bald (or balding) men that is specifically designed to give you the closest, most comfortable head shave you’ve ever had… in less than 3 minutes.

From the moment I picked it up, I realized this thing was different from any other shaver I’d tried.

Using the BaldiePro is a piece of cake — it has a unique ergonomic “handheld” grip that feels much more natural than standard shavers.

Not only is it a breeze to use, it also FEELS good to use thanks to the circular 5-blade design. This allows you to shave in whichever direction you feel most comfortable — and more blade heads means less passes over your skin, resulting in a close shave without any irritation.

Purifair: Enjoy Fresh, Clean Air – Anytime, Anywhere


With the press of a button, Purifair instantly purifies the air in virtually ANY indoor space. It’s quiet, filterless, and portable – so you can finally relax knowing the air you breathe is safe.

Purifair acts like an invisible barrier that quickly eliminates dangerous pathogens from your air.

Purifair is a revolution in indoor air purification – simply plug it in to instantly protect yourself from up to 99% of airborne contaminants!

It’s all thanks to a breakthrough technique called Air Ionization, which has been used to purify the air in hospitals for decades. Purifair releases a “force field” of Negative Ions, which attach themselves to airborne contaminants like viruses and allergens – then safely pull them to the floor before you can breathe them in.

In other words, Purifair is like a missile defense system for airborne germs – it shoots down dangerous pathogens before they can reach you!

Active Skin Repair: The All-Natural Skin Healing Solution That Heals Skin Damage 3x Faster

Active Skin Repair

Active Skin Repair revolutionary medical-grade treatment works for everyday wound care and skin repair - including cuts, scrapes, sunburns, normal burns, chaffing, rashes, insect bites, and more!

Active Skin Repair is a revolution in first aid care! A few sprays can externally treat almost any minor wound or skin irritation, even on sensitive skin or near your eyes — and it uses just one non-toxic, safe, and natural ingredient.

It’s all thanks to Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), an incredible naturally occurring acid that your body already creates to support healing. Simply spray it on any minor cut, burn, bug bite, scratch, even eczema (the list goes on).

HOCl is well-studied, clinically proven, and used in hospitals for decades… but only recently were scientists able to stabilize it in this easy-to-use consumer form. It’s the first non-toxic, hypoallergenic treatment for your skin!

Time to throw away all those ointments and creams… Active Skin Repair is here to make skin treatment easy and safe for all!

GoPure Pod: Instantly eliminate harmful contaminants from your water anywhere you go

GoPure Pod

GOpure Pod turns toxin-filled tap water into purified water by eliminating harmful contaminants such as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, microplastics, and more, while also eliminating bacteria and viruses.

In short, no other portable filter on the market is this small, works this well, or can be used in so many ways as GOpure Pod. Now you can safely drink tap water anywhere you go without worrying about what's in the pipes!

Beam: The ultimate anti-anxiety device... "the stress just melts away"


When stressed, we take shorter and faster breaths. This “shallow breathing” makes stress and anxiety worse.

Beam is scientifically engineered with the perfect length and diameter to create the perfect breathing resistance needed for longer, deeper, and more controlled exhale – naturally triggering your nervous system to calm and relax you.

The science of breathwork is powerful and proven effective, which is why it’s being hailed as the future of stress relief.

Max Bubble Gun: The World's Most Extreme Bubble Gun

Max Bubble Gun

It’s time to say goodbye to that outdated wand — it’s messy, hard to use, and nowhere NEAR as much fun!

Max Bubble Gun features 88 bubble holes which mean you and your kids can run around blasting THOUSANDS of bubbles into the air.

It's easy for kids and adults to turn the fun up to 1,000 in an instant!

Simply twist a bottle of bubbles into the Max Bubble Gun tray and pull the trigger to launch a blast of bubbles into the air. It can even be used at night with color changing LEDs built in where the bubbles shoot out!

Migraine Stopper: The Revolutionary Device That Stops Migraines In Their Tracks

Migraine Stopper

Migraines can take control of your life — and most existing treatments are either time-consuming, loaded with side effects, or downright useless.

With The Migraine Stopper, you could say goodbye to spending all day in the dark — because you finally have a convenient, easy, and effective way to treat your migraines on the spot. It only takes a few minutes to eliminate the pain and move on!

Simply place The Migraine Stopper in one ear (like an earbud) and gently squeeze the pump to enjoy quick, long-lasting relief from even the strongest migraines!

It sounds (and feels) like magic, but it’s actually due to a revolutionary technique called Dual Neuromodulation, which relieves your pain at the source. Each pump of air is designed to gently and precisely stimulate two key cranial nerves, which calm down the overactive part of the brain causing your migraine.

It’s never been easier — or safer — to relieve your migraines the moment they hit!

Trigger Point Rocker: Relieve Your Neck & Back Pain In Under 10 Minutes

Trigger Point Rocker

If you have poor posture, are inactive for long periods of time, or are frequently stressed, chances are good you’ve developed painful trigger points in your back, neck, and shoulders.

Trigger points form when a muscle stays contracted for too long, which chokes off its blood and oxygen supply, causing pain and sensitivity.

The Trigger Point Rocker relieves this pain more effectively than expensive equipment or therapists because it addresses the specific problem you’re struggling with. By lying on the device, you apply deep pressure to your trigger points, which massages the muscle tissue to allow oxygen and nutrients to flow freely back into the muscle.

The Trigger Point Rocker is more effective than alternatives because it relieves the source of your pain rather than masking it.

ChargeHubGo: The fastest and most versatile portable power bank on the market


Mashable calls ChargeHubGO “The only portable battery pack you’ll ever need.” And we agree!

ChargeHubGO is the ONLY portable charger that features patented SmartSpeed® Technology plus it works as a wireless charging pad for super-fast, convenient charging. (Plus having two built-in charging cables is awesome.)

It’s powerful enough to charge up to 4 devices at the same time.

This is a perfect gift for anyone who’s always on the go.

Lumenology: The Wireless Motion Light With Hundreds Of Uses (No electrician needed)


Lumenology is the quick and easy way to light up any space without the hassle and cost of hiring a professional electrician.

Set up is a breeze, in seconds you'll enjoy the same brightness and state-of-the-art motion detection you’d expect from a professional installation. It's never been easier or more affordable to add professional lighting to your space!

Miracle Laundry Detergent Sheets: Non-Toxic, Skin-Friendly, Eco-Friendly laundry detergent (great for sensitive skin)

Miracle Laundry Detergent Sheets

An eco-friendly laundry detergent that’s sensitive on your skin and free of wasteful plastic. Miracle's ultra-concentrate detergent sheets offer extra strong cleaning power without the harsh chemicals. Watch odors and stains vanish thanks to just 4 natural ingredients – so you can finally get the best for both your clothes and your skin.

Flex Safe: Protect Your Valuables With The Ultimate Portable Safe!

Flex Safe

Looking away for a split second is all it takes for someone to steal your wallet, phone, or purse. Whether you’re at the beach, hotel pool, amusement park, or even the grocery store, safeguard your valuables with FlexSafe – the all new portable safe that goes ANYWHERE you go!

Voted 2017 Hotel Product of The Year!

Staywell Copper Patch: Keep Your Phone Free From 99.9% of Harmful Bacteria & Viruses

Flex Safe

Illness-causing bacteria and viruses dwell on every surface… but especially your phone! This won’t be fun to hear, but recent studies have shown your phone is 18X dirtier than a public toilet. Eww!

Thankfully, StayWell® Copper never stops fighting bacteria and viruses — it prevents buildup and keeps your phone safe 24 hours a day, making it the perfect companion for your phone.

With StayWell® Copper, your phone is constantly being cleaned from nasty germs!